Elect Cupertino Planning Commission Chair and Former Mayor

Steven Scharf

to Cupertino City Council

Since 2018, when a 4-1 resident-focused Majority on City Council was elected, and a 5-0 resident focused Planning Commission was appointed, Cupertino has made tremendous progress:

• We passed a height limit on Vallco, so if the SB-35 project does not move forward any new project will be limited in height (Mayor Paul and I tried to pass this in 2017, prior to SB-35 taking effect, but the three developer-controlled City Council members voted against objective standards for Vallco)
• We stopped the terrible "Tier 2" Vallco project and forced the Vallco property owner to increase the amount of Below-Market-Rate Housing to 50%.
• We mandated that the toxic contamination at the Vallco site be mitigated prior to construction permits being issued (the property owner has yes to submit a proper Site Management Plan to the County Department of Environmental Health (DEH)).
• We hired an awesome new City Attorney, Chris Jensen, after anti-resident, developer-funded, YIMBY activists forced out City Attorney Randall Hom (costing Cupertino over $200K!).
• We have hired two excellent City Managers, Deb Feng and current City Manager Pamela Wu.
• We approved a much better project at The Oaks than the property owner originally proposed.
• We completed the Site Selection for the Sixth Cycle Housing Element with plenty of margin should some projects not be built.
• We acquired land at Lawrence Mitty and are planning to turn that land into suitable parkland.
• We are moving forward with the revitalization of Memorial Park.
• We funded the new library program room expansion, which is now complete and operating.

• We achieved the lowest Covid infection rate in Santa Clara County.

• The City Council passed a lobbyist registration ordinance that requires paid lobbyists to register with the City before meeting privately with council members, commissioners, or City staff.  This so upset one special interest group, that promotes dark money and abhors transparency, that they filed a lawsuit against Cupertino to oppose paid lobbyist registration.

• The City Council has restored Cupertino's reputation as a City that advocates for Local Control, Affordable Housing, and Diversity.

Under the Current City Leadership, Control of the City has Been Taken Away from Developers and Financially Motivated Special Interest Groups that Seek to Exploit Cupertino for their Own Financial Gain.

Cupertino Must Not Go Backward to the Days of Cronyism, Fraud, and Abuse. We must continue to move Cupertino forward.

Mayor Darcy Paul Endorses Steven Scharf!

Mayor Darcy Paul Endorses Steven Scharf in the 2022 election.

I’ve been following this election closely. I think that most of the candidates are sincere. But in my opinion if you examine the field closely, study the candidates, what they say, and what they have done, then there’s a very clear choice with regard to who does the work and does it with integrity while applying experience and dedication towards improving our community, by understanding the issues. These individuals take actions that benefits residents—not outside interests seeking to exploit Cupertino for financial gain. I've looked at websites and I've listened very closely to what the candidates have been saying. I have thought about all this in the context of the approaches the candidates have taken over the years. And that’s why, when I consider all the factors, I am going to be v̶̶oting for Liang Chao, Steven Scharf and Govind Tatachari in the 2022 Cupertino City Council election."

Planning Commission Chair and Former Mayor Steven Scharf

Sierra Club Endorsement (2020)*

* I was pleased to accept the 2020 endorsement of the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club. I greatly appreciate Sierra Club's opposition to legislative efforts to weaken the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). In 2022, the Sierra Club Endorsement process for Cupertino was corrupted by an individual controlled by development interests. As a result, the Loma Prieta Sierra Club Chapter decided that they would not proceed with endorsement interviews for 2022. I was endorsed by them in 2020, and nothing in my views or experience had changed. I expect that I would have been endorsed again had the process not been corrupted.

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